Our Story

BayGrown Farms is a licensed hemp farm located in Rochester, Massachusetts. Our business focuses on using a farm to table model. The goal is to re-purpose old farmland into hemp crops. We want to ensure that only locally grown hemp is used in our CBD health products.

Big solar companies take advantage of fertile farm land, cut down trees, and disrupt the top soil. Fortunately, we offer an alternative for our community. BayGrown Farms also values local job creation. Rochester, Massachusetts is a right to farm community and we want to keep it that way! We manufacture our own original, organic & non-GMO health products to promote an overall better quality of life.

Founders Brennan Goguen and Jonathan MacDougall are two Old Rochester Regional high school graduates with a strong history in the medical cannabis field. We have been working on farms from California to New England since 2006. Our cultivation journey began outdoors, which provided the opportunity to perfect future indoor medical gardens, that we would design & construct ourselves. Eventually we chose to specifically hone in on small batch, craft medical cannabis which opened the door to CBD. Soon after, we started working closely with ill patients, some diagnosed with cancer. This would eventually bring us to where we are today!
Implementing a hands on approach to healing and helping ease the pains of chemotherapy, we really made an effort to find cannabis strains that worked for their ailments (pain, appetite, nausea, etc.). That lead us to CBD dominate cannabis strains. Teaming up with other local growers, the ball got rolling after we found a strain called Mae’s Cannatonic. We began upping CBD production, gifting free clones to other growers and veterans, making coconut capsules for ill patients and much more to help the community. Since then, we have been cultivating, researching and  developing products and recipes that are health orientated, all natural,  and use organic and local products. We also meet all standards for local medical marijuana caregiver laws. After seeing the relief our CBD products were giving  people we came to the conclusion we needed to farm more CBD and process it into an array of health products. The Farm Bill of 2018 was a huge step forward for the cannabis and hemp industry. The bill ended federal prohibition of the hemp plant and rescheduled CBD, deeming hemp an agricultural crop. It was passed on December 12th, 2018 by President Trump. On January 2, 2019 BayGrown Farms was officially trademarked and formed as a limited liability company. BayGrown Farms is also now licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources as a Hemp cultivator and processor.