Our Story

Founders and co-owners, Brennan Goguen and Jonathan MacDougall are two Old Rochester Regional high school graduates with a strong history in the medical cannabis field. We have been working on farms from California to New England since 2006. Our cultivation journey began outdoors under the sun, which provided lots of experience and knowledge that we keep with us to this very day. Over the years we have used many methods to cultivate cannabis and hemp. Indoors, in climate controlled areas, outdoors in the elements of nature, and in greenhouses which are a mix of both climate controlled and light from the sun. The medicine we have grown in the past was for patients who were dealing with serious medical issues including cancer. We've experienced having to properly dose patients with certain cannabionoids before and after treatments and medical procedures. With this knoweldge, we started formulating organic products in the form of tinctures and topical creams to help with patients needs. Those original products were the stepping stone to what is now our full product line of CBD health products. You can now find us managing multiple licensed cannabis and hemp grows in the state of Massachusetts all while manufacturing and distributing our CBD health products.