Hemp Harvest

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is specifically what we farm on the hemp plant. CBD is found in the resin of the flower produced by the plant and is the active component.
The compound is non-psychoactive, meaning it does not produce mind altering effects. BayGrown Farms CBD is derived from our organically grown hemp plants. Yet, we make sure to use the entire plant, turning the stalk into biomass & the leaves into raw pressed juice.
Below you can find some health benefits of incorporating CBD into your lifestyle.
• Pain relief without adverse effects, such as addiction
• Anti-inflammatory properties
• Reduces muscle spasticity
• Anti-bacterial properties
• Anti-viral properties
• Neurocontroller
• Anti Oxidant
• Anxiety & depression relief
• Reduces risk of diabetes
• Anti-psychotic effects
• Neutralizes the spreading of cancer cells and combats tumor cells
• Can lower high blood pressure by helping the heart and circulatory system
• Rejuvenates damaged circuits in the brain related to drug addiction and substance abuse
We use Full Spectrum Hemp Oil in all of our products. More specifically, this is an extraction method using a solvent which creates a concentrated oil. We are legally allowed to have .3% THC in our hemp. BayGrown Farms has acquired certain strains of hemp that are high in CBD and under the legal .3% in THC. The use of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil in our products brings more relief to the user via the Entourage Effect. These two cannabinoids, CBD and THC, when in the presence of each other, work together, stronger for a higher degree of medical relief rather then when isolated. They bind to different cannabinoid receptors and generate higher endocannabinoid activity. There is not enough THC for users to experience the euphoric effects. BayGrown Farms has everything tested by a third party, meaning we test the soil, the water, the flower,  and the extract. Quality assurance is crucial to BayGrown Farms!