BayGrown farms can design, construct, cultivate and manage any indoor cannabis operation. Consulting is another avenue we offer for companies getting into the industry. Our staff is fully knowledgeable in cultivation techniques that maximize yield per square foot of canopy space. We aim to keep a clean work and garden space to minimize risk of problems in the crop.
Greenhouses are a great way to cut costs on electricity and still produce arguably the best overall cannabis. Being able to control the climate as well as use natural factors like fresh air and natural sunlight, you can’t go wrong. We have experience cultivating cannabis in all types of greenhouses, from hoop houses to steel frame commercial greenhouses. Our staff is knowledgeable in fertigation install, use and maintenance.
BayGrown Farms is no stranger to growing outdoors in all climates. We have grown cannabis outdoors in California, Colorado, Maine and Massachusetts. We adapt to our climates, and being in New England we have to be real good at that. Starting our crop indoors in early spring then moving it to the field in May ensures maximizing the plants potential by harvest in the fall time. We have very strict Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems as well as preventive practices for mold and mildew.  Our team is well versed in outdoor cultivation techniques that result in marketable flower.
We have collected hundreds of valuable cannabis strains from all over the globe. We have strains ranging from rare untainted landrace to the new hybrids and everything in between. Pheno hunting from seed gives us an advantage to find the best phenotype in each strain. Weeding out plants with lesser characteristics in yield, resin and vigor help us have the best selection of strains to cultivate.